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Personal Accident Insurance

What Is Personal Accident Insurance

We hope you and your loved ones live a life full of health.

However, you need to take into account the likelihood of you suffering accidents in order to secure your future. Considering the risk that your life might be endangered or you might become permanently disabled by an unpredictable accident, you need some special protection in order to help your loved ones cope with potential financial hardships and to secure their future.

Personal Accident Insurance can offer you the protection that meets all your needs in this respect and also provide a more secure future for both you and your loved ones.

Who Are Eligible?

Any person older than 16 and younger than 65 years of age.

What Benefit Does It Offer?

You are free to determine the benefits you will be covered for in either Turkish Lira or in a foreign currency. The benefits include:

• Accidental death benefit.
• Accidental total and partial disability benefit.
• Expenses for medical treatment required as a result of an accident.
• Compensation for loss of income resulting from an accident / Daily treatment expenses at hospital (you may benefit from either one of these coverages depending on the product type of your choice).

How Can I Avail Of The Emergency Assistance Benefit?

In case you have an accident, whether in Turkey or abroad, the emergency assistance benefit will be available to you round-the-clock every day. In any such case, the Emergency Assistance Team will be there for you and, if necessary, arrange a ground or air ambulance service to transport you to the nearest hospital. Upon completion of your medical treatment, the Emergency Assistance Team will also arrange your transfer home.

What About Tax Advantage?

If you are a wage earner, or a taxpayer legally required to file tax returns, you are entitled to deduct your premiums from your tax base according to Articles 63/3 and 89/1 of the Income Tax Law.